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          300x600valadPaper Valentine Crafts

          V-Day Tongue-Twisterbig heart teddy bear1200

          Perfect printable paper primson passionate paramour patterns for playgroup, preschool, and primary palaestra pet projects and portfolio participants.

          Sweet heart designs suitable for all skill levels. Planning a February 14th Party? Let the children decorate the walls and windows with festive hearts and Cupid's Arrows. Saint Valentine coloring images suitable to print, color, cut, fold and paste to your sweet heart's content. Have the kids make colorful centerpieces or drink coasters and place mats for table decorations.

          Heart Art

          Make hand made Valentine cards and other home made gifts with these free coloring book craft patterns and templates. Teach geometry concepts with unique, easy to make sweetheart card and envelope folding printables as well as heart shaped cut and fold snowflake patterns. Suitable for framing, use the heart-shaped template photo card images to frame photos of the new baby or to design and send holiday photographs as handmade valentine's day gifts for you from young hearts to family and friends, grand parents and loved ones. Make it a great holiday when you send flowers or gift baskets filled with chocolates and sweets with your paper hearts.


          Send Love with Valentines

          Simple and fun original craft and color book projects for children. You shouldn't find them anywhere else...but, you will. Chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals have become a Valentine's Day tradition, but you can always make a loved one feel special with simple and fun paper crafts. These simple and fun paper craft treasures make paper greeting cards and scrapbook crafts easy and a good opportunity to form quality bonding time between parents, grandparents, young children and grandchildren and all family members.tiger valentine1200

          Valentine Activities Crafts

          Valentine's Day is an annual event held on February 14 where candy, gifts, poems and card with romantic sayings are shared between family and friends. Traditionally celebrating love and affection, Valentine card activities are a great way for children to give personalized Valentine's Day cards to family and friends. Children can decorate and celebrate Valentine's day while learning the elementary art of paper cutting and folding. Kirigami, a Japanese word, is a variation of Origami, also a Japanese art form of paper folding. Kirigami describes the act folding paper and cutting out designs such as paper valentine snowflakes and other intricate paper art designs.

          Learn How to Cut Symmetrical Shapes

          Use these paper valentine activities, crafts and cards for Valentine's Day and other events and occasions where sentimental cards are needed. Great for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school age children. Make Valentine's Day extra-special day with hand-crafted envelopes. Paste quotes onto your cards or write your own personal messages.